Is traditional SEO dead?

Over the years Google has always moved the goal posts for optimising your website. This has created an entirely new industry separate to web designers who specialise in getting your website as high up the rankings as they can. All their techniques of keywords and backlinks used to work great, however you will now hear a lot of them saying that it should be a mixture of traditional techniques and content creation.

We believe that it is important for your site to be well coded and indexed correctly with Google. But we think there is a much bigger uprising and we like to call it ACE (Active content environments).

This is a term made up here at Clic to attempt to explain to clients' that they should no longer be spending a fortune on expensive SEO and instead invest in a social guru. Someone who will be able to suggest topics to discuss on your website, write engaging blog posts and actively promote them via social media and other blog sites alongside your ppc campaign.

This process will turn your website from a static online brochure into an active content environment which sees daily relevant traffic that in turn could transform into leads. Google wants to see companies showing authority within their industries and the more authoritative you are the better visibility you will receive.