10 great tips for optimizing your website with Google

Google is always updating IT's search criteria so it is very important that you do everything you can to help your website rank highly.

Below are some very simple improvements you can make to your site and your social profiles.

1.     Create a Google Plus page

Compared to Facebook or Twitter Google+ isn’t the most popular of social medias, however it does have excellent SEO value. The reason for this is your face! Yes your face. Google+ places your profile photo next to any associated listings meaning that you stand out significantly over your competitors.

2.     Think local!

Google is making a massive push to deliver great local search results. Most people are unaware of this so this is a very good opportunity. We advise you get yourself a Google Places account. Its very simple to set up and your listing will appear above regular results. Also make sure your address is posted on your website. This will allow Places to locate your services and present them accordingly.

3.     XML Sitemaps

Using Google webmaster tools, upload an XML sitemap to your account. This will help Google index your site and make them aware of your site structure allowing them to direct traffic to relevant pages.

4.     Check your site has a great internal link structure

It’s very important to check that your site navigates correctly. If you have pages that aren’t ranking as well as the rest then place call to actions and links directed towards these pages to ensure visitors explore as much of your site as possible.

5.     Speak Google’s language

Make sure you have H1 heading tags, H2 and H3 subheading tags and a page title’s relevant to your content.

6.     Research

Trying everything from scratch is a mistake made by many business owners. There is nothing wrong with researching your competitors to see how they have ranked so well. Look at page structures, call to actions and content (DO NOT STEAL CONTENT, GOOGLE WILL PENALIZE YOU FOR IT).

7.     Create a Youtube Account

As you probably know Google owns Youtube so posting interesting or useful videos can help to boost your web presence dramatically. Be sure to name your video titles the same as the keywords you are looking to rank for and try to make videos over 3 minutes long. Videos are 50x more likely to show up on google searches that traditional text pages.

8.     Write interesting content

People will visit your site if they are looking for your specific service, however if its all sell sell sell then you might come across as “the pushy salesmen”. These days people are always asking questions so why not answer them with insightful and engaging content about your profession. Blog articles can attract vast amounts of viewers could turn into valuable sales leads for you.

9.     Get social!

Make sure you have company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+. You can also get clever online tools that allow you to post to all your pages at once saving to a lot of time. Check out www.hootsuite.com

10.  Go Mobile

Is your website mobile friendly? If not then your missing out. Over the last few years there has been a huge leap forward in web technologies. This leap is called responsive design. This way of building a site allows the content to dynamically adjust to the device it is being viewed on. Users are far more likely to browse a site that is optimised for mobile viewing as nowadays over 50% of site traffic comes from mobile devices. Without this feature on your website your potential custom could drop dramatically. Click here for more information on responsive websites.