save time and money, Let us manage your Social media and get on with running your business 

Running a business is an extremely demanding task which involves sourcing new clients, supplying services / products, after sales, maintenance, accounts and more. When you and your team are busy day after day it becomes very easy to neglect certain areas of your business. 

The common sacrifice is social media. The likes of Facebook and Twitter are vital in the business world but employing a marketeer full time is a costly endeavour with no guaranteed results.

This is where we come in... We can manage all your social media accounts, create adverts, promotions and support graphics. We can even reply to enquiries saving you the time and hassle. Creating engagement in social media can also increase your website traffic which could result in increased sales.

We charge a monthly fee based on your requirements starting at as little as £100.00. 


The benefits of using Clic Media for your social media management


Reach an audience of over 20,000 local people.

Save time so you can focus on your business.

Save the cost of a full time marketing manager.

View analytics from your Facebook page.

Customised graphics to support your messaging.

Consistent presence on your social media.